Friday, May 14, 2021

Ukraine - Fake news

Greetings from Cherkasy, Ukraine!
This school year was difficult for all of us but we do believe that we will overcome all the
obstacles and Covid 19 will disappear forever. This is only the second day we are back to school
from distant learning but we decided not to miss the chance of participation in the contest. The
song “Fake news” was written by the members of our gymnasia euro club “New Generation” to
draw attention to the problem of disinformation, false and biased information and foster media
literacy in our community. We would like all people to learn how to check facts and spot fakes
around us.

Fake news!
Fake things!
Escape a ruse! Let’s find the truth!
Elaborate truth!

Information flies to us like a bird,
It sometimes can be absurd
Very often it’s a ruse.
Is the news always the truth?

It isn’t easy to spot fake news
It’s better to lie than tell the truth
Fake news, fake things around us
Like a broken glass.

Computers, the Internet and social media
Enable every individual
to get fact-based information,
True facts and true communication.

You know falsehood is on the Internet,
Don’t wear a soundproof hat.
To find the truth is a must,
Fake things destroy trust.

We are happy to be together on board Schoolovision 2021!


  1. No fake but fact: This is a very nice entry. Good job, girls!

  2. This is truly a relevant entry for all the people of the world who are bombarded with fake news most of the time.

    1. Thank you Maria! It's really important to know the truth nowadays!

  3. Great jazz feeling in your entry and very talented singing! Good luck from Finland :)

  4. Love the voices, the kind of music and your video!
    Well done, Ukraine!
    Greetings from Team Austria!!!

  5. Louisa from GermanyMay 17, 2021 at 10:04 AM

    A song is very nice.

  6. Well done. Good luck from Latvia.

  7. Well done!!! You are great! Good luck from Greece!

  8. Such an important message! Thank you for making it such fun.
    You have some wonderful singing voices there!
    Good luck!

  9. Nice song, I like the baground music!

  10. Perfect singing and acting

  11. Tavis from GermanyMay 19, 2021 at 9:07 AM

    That was a very good song and a really good video.

  12. Maya from GermanyMay 19, 2021 at 9:29 AM

    A good text and the video is good too. Really nice!

  13. Moira from GermanyMay 19, 2021 at 9:59 AM

    It's a very nice song. A fun video and cool text. Good luck!

  14. Wow!It´s great!I like the rap too!

  15. it is a great song, it belongs to this time!

  16. i like the song and the lyrics

  17. nice melody goood luch


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