Thursday, June 17, 2021

the trophy has arrived

Happy kids at Cappabue celebrating their repeated victory once again when their trophy arrived.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Ireland - We Create Magic

Cappabue National School was honoured and delighted to represent Ireland with our rap 'One Small Change' and win Schoolovision in 2020. Our first time entering.

We are so excited to be taking part in Schoolovision 2021.

On the strength of our success with our viral rap on climate change, the pupils of Cappabue National School were chosen as national Junior Creative Ambassadors 2020.

As a result of this, we were asked to commission a song with the theme of creativity for Cruiniú na nÓg's day of celebration on June 13th 2020.

As schools were closed from March last year until September, we decided to record all the ways we were being creative during lockdown. Our pupils documented all the fun activities they were involved in at home.

Our song was recorded during level five lockdown with song lyrics and video clips being shared collectively. We were blessed to get a sunny day to record our song out of doors, on school grounds, over thirteen hours to observe Covid protocols.

We are so honoured and proud to be representing Ireland in Schoolovision for the second year in a row.

We hope you enjoy our song 'We Create Magic.'

Netherlands - Hello World!

 Hi everyone,

This year we have chosen a song written by Kinderen voor Kinderen. This is a children's choir in the Netherlands. They write songs for children of the same age as them. The song is about "hello world!". It is about how you can get to know new people when you go on a journey to a faraway country for example. There are also different colours in the world. The colours red, white and blue form the flag of the Netherlands. But of course, these are not the only colours in the world. There are many more colours than red, white and blue. The other colours also form the flags of your countries. Can you find your own flag in the song?

Have fun watching and listening!

Greetings from group 7 of primary school De Stappen in the Netherlands!

Israel - Tired of The Zoom

The Shapira Neighborhood School wishes to accompany the best and complete development of it's school community. Combining the neighborhood and the real world, the school is a community anchor for the Shapira neighborhood. We want to teach the kids to be good and helpful citizens using place-based learning and making them independent learners in the various learning spaces in school and in the neighborhood.

Ukraine - Fake news

Greetings from Cherkasy, Ukraine!
This school year was difficult for all of us but we do believe that we will overcome all the
obstacles and Covid 19 will disappear forever. This is only the second day we are back to school
from distant learning but we decided not to miss the chance of participation in the contest. The
song “Fake news” was written by the members of our gymnasia euro club “New Generation” to
draw attention to the problem of disinformation, false and biased information and foster media
literacy in our community. We would like all people to learn how to check facts and spot fakes
around us.

Fake news!
Fake things!
Escape a ruse! Let’s find the truth!
Elaborate truth!

Information flies to us like a bird,
It sometimes can be absurd
Very often it’s a ruse.
Is the news always the truth?

It isn’t easy to spot fake news
It’s better to lie than tell the truth
Fake news, fake things around us
Like a broken glass.

Computers, the Internet and social media
Enable every individual
to get fact-based information,
True facts and true communication.

You know falsehood is on the Internet,
Don’t wear a soundproof hat.
To find the truth is a must,
Fake things destroy trust.

We are happy to be together on board Schoolovision 2021!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Slovakia - Kuchárky

The worst thing about the distant education (and for some of us the only bad thing) was that we could not eat at our school canteen. We sometime forget about the cooks' work, but they do their best every single school day to make us full and happy after the hard educational process. 

We wanted to thank them this way and of course bring as much fun as possible to you, too :-)

If you want to find out, who are those phenomenal cooking stars, you will find their names on Youtube. I guess it does not happen very often to find the school cooks' names under the music video :-)

Good luck, everyone and Guten Appetit!

Malta - The Mystery of Magic

Magic! Magic! Magic! Children, adults, young and old are fascinated with magic. Magic is all around us. It is not just a dream. It is there when we work hard and when we work in a team. This is the message the children of Malta would like to share with the world especially during this difficult time of the pandemic. With just a little effort from everyone, we will change our world into a magical one where pain and suffering will be no more. Enjoy our song and enjoy being magical 😊

Poland - Ziemia, wyspa zielona (The Earth, green island)

Hi partners!
We just returned to school after a few months of distance learning and present our song about the green planet:

The Earth - green island


Because the Earth is an island, the island of green,
among other distant planets.
It is a home for people, for humans and animals,
so it must be very well cared for.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Belgium - Niet pesten! (Don't bully!)

Hi all of you music lovers,

The 41 final year pupils of Qworzó - Merksplas - Belgium are very proud to present you the Belgian entry for Schoolovision 2021.

For the first time in our history we managed to create 4 songs instead of one. Our children were challenged to create their own song under the professional guidance of two professional musicians.  Our children wrote the lyrics, thought about which instruments would nicely combine with the written text and gave all they had singing these 4 beautiful songs.  

The pupils got the chance to vote for the songs they created and finally they wanted to make a music video for the song Niet Pesten! (Don't Bully!)

Be our guest, turn up the volume and sing along!

And if you want to know what we are singing, 
just click the translation button in the video! ;-)


Niet pesten, niet pesten Stop meteen!  
Don't bully, don't bully! Stop right now!

Als je pest ben je niet OK!
When you bully, than you're not OK!

If you want to listen to the 3 other songs to, then please be our guest!

We want to thank Villa Basta &

Looking forward to reading your comments!

Good luck to all in this contest!

Kind regards,

Team Belgium

Iceland - Bahama

Our students from 6th grade chose this song because of how uplifting, happy and warm it is.
We have been having a lot of darkness this school year and the kids wanted to send you rays of sunshine from the little island up north.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Greece - If I could change the world...

GREECE- If I could change the world... (what would I do?)

Greece presents for Schoolovision 2021 the song:

"If I could change the world..." from Primary School of Halikas, Mitilini, Lesvos

Let's talk about what can we do to change the world....

Good luck to everybody and wishes to feel free again soon...!!!!

Slovenia - Friends (Prijatelji)

 Greetings from Slovenia!

Last year the pandemic stopped us, but this year we succeeded despite the same situation.

We recorded a song about friendship - Friends (Prijatelji). We hope you enjoy it!

Let's sing together:

We share a common planet,

beneath a common sun,

so we should stick together,

like all of us is one.

Norway - I can do anything

 Hi, all Schoolovisioners!

We are proud to present “I can do anything”. A self-composed song recorded in our brand new school! We have been lucky to stay at school this year. The whole school from 1st to 7th grade participates in the video, as seen singing, dancing and other stuff they are great at. The making of “I can do anything” has brought us together, with a self-componed dance, laughter and ownership for the project. You can see us all dancing in a covid-friendly way.

We hope you will enjoy our song, dance, video as much as we do. We are looking forward to see all the other entries this year. 

Greetings from Kringsjå primary school, Norway

England - I Have a Song to Sing

Mayflower Primary School
I Have a Song to Sing

We have chosen a very simple song which speaks of hope and unity. 

It has been hard to find our voices after so long - please sing along with us!

I have a song to bring,
It has a simple melody.
Let everybody sing,
There’s life in our unity,
There’s hope in our song

Thank you to Mrs. Burns from Leicestershire Schools Music Service who worked with us to learn the song, and to Mr. Shay and Mr. Clay who came into school to record our voices.

Thanks too to Mrs. Radia and Mrs. Chauhan who created the wonderful video!

Let everybody sing!

Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Czech Republic - Flowers

 We composed our own song with the children /7years old/ called Flowers for this year. We would like to emphasize how important plants are for our Earth. The song also responds to today's situation in the world.

The chorus: I ask how I can help our Earth to live in peace among all

I ask how I can help the trees, the bushies, the flowers………


Proto já se ptám, jak pomoci mám, naší Zemi, abychom všichni žili 

v míru mezi všemi. Já se ptám, jak pomoci mám, stromům, keřům,  kytičkám.

The situation was complicated by a coronavirus pandemic, distance learning and a ban on singing in schools. But we did not let ourselves be discouraged and with the great help of our parents we managed to shoot a song and a video clip. From many videos and recordings, one final video clip was created.

The author of the music:  Veronika Nováková 

Many greetings from the Czech Republic.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Finland - Together (Yhdessä)

Hi from Finland!

Kurittula school is very happy to be able to represent Finland for the second time in the Schoolovision contest! Our song is almost 100% childmade. It was composed by pianist Sonja and the animation was made by Elsa. The song tells about how things are never quite as scary when we have a friend with us and how we should never leave anyone alone. This year we haven't been able to gather together normally because of Covid 19. That´s why we prepared the performance with a very small group of students.

We'll make it through this together!

Germany - Chaotic, Crazy and Alive

Right now most of our pupils are back to distance learning while this lot of 1st and 2nd graders is obviously enjoying their rare time in school, having much of the ground to themselves.

Their are presenting a rather unusual entry which was filmed this very morning in a single take. But hey, what's normal these days? Party on, you rascals!

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Latvia - Colorful Dreams

Greetings from Latvia! 

We have given a special meaning to the song "Colorful Dreams". This song has given us a chance to look at our school and school life, which many of us miss, in a more specific way.

Every school day is like a colorful dream for us so the video shows pictures and videos of school life and each child's experiences of distance learning. The song itself is about dreams that seek who believes in miracles. That each day can be special and appreciable.

P.S. We have distance learning since December. We miss our school and our friends.

You can sing with us! Let`s try!

Krāsaini sapņi (in Latvian)

 Krāsaini sapņi šai pasaulē klejo

Meklējot prātus, kas brīnumiem tic

Varbūt, ka tevi tie apciemo šodien

Tu būsi pirmais, nu, kurš gan vēl cits.


Tam, kas tos negaida, necer un netic

Pelēkas stundas un minūtes rit

Kamēr aiz mūsu pievērtiem plakstiem

Bezgala krāsaini sirdspuksti sit.



Krāsaini sapņi par tevi,

Krāsaini sapņi par mums,

Krāsaini sapņi lai izrotā dienas

Tev, man un jums.


Tagad ik vakaru, aizejot gulēt

Neveram logus uz ielu vairs ciet

Lai mūsu iedomas meklējot pieturu

Garām tā vienkārši vairs nepaiet.


Mēs taču esam vēl jauni un varam

Piedzīvot sapņus vēl nebijušos

Mums taču katram ir iespēja dota

Piepildīt, sajust un izbaudīt tos. 



Colorful dreams (in English)

Colorful dreams roam this world

Finding minds who believe in miracles

Maybe they will visit you today

You will be the first, well, who else.


He who does not expect them does not hope or believe

Gray hours and minutes go by

While behind our eyelids

Endless colored heartbeat beats.



Colorful dreams about you,

Colorful dreams about us,

Colorful dreams to decorate the day

For you, me and you.


Now every night, going to bed

We do not close the windows on the street anymore

Let our fancy searching stop

It just doesn't go away.


But we are still young, and we can

Experience dreams like never before

But we each have the opportunity

Fill, feel and enjoy them.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Italy - It's a beautiful day

Dear friends, here is our entry!

Our young students did their best from home during the closure of the school. 

This song is full of hope like Spring is!

They enjoyed singing it, perhaps because they hope "to go outside, see the flowers bloom and the clouds go away" ...

Yes, we hope so, we hope to go back to a normal life. LIFE is beautiful, it deserves to be lived.

(PS: Sorry, but I had to apply the filter to the video according to GDPR) 

Lithuania - I will paint Lithuania

I will paint the Sun in the middle of the piece of paper, I will use all colours to dye it. The song is about our country which is the most beautiful to our children.
Although we are already learning at school, we can't move anywhere further from it. But we are sharing our students' journeys around Lithuania.
Let's travel together!

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Austria - Shoulder to shoulder

Friendship is the most important thing - the children of the dolphin class of the VS Wildbach were sure of that and that's how their self-composed new song "Shoulder to shoulder" looks like.

They designed a logo, rehearsed all the scenes on their own and had a lot of fun doing it - despite homeschooling.

Have fun and sing with us!

Shoulder to Shoulder

Hey you are my friend because I like to run next to you. I'll take your hand and I'll help you up.

If you fell in the meadow then I go with you and you shoot.

Your pants full of mud, but we cheer together. We sit together ‘and we stick together‘,

like a chain - of their own free will. Even our books are back to back.


When you say: ,,Hey, what’s the matter?”,

we can change the world for the better.

Boulder by boulder

‘cause we are strong when we’re together

Shoulder to shoulder


Hey you are my friend, you are pretty awesome. I'll ask for your pen and I'll get your spring pen.
You are my best friend, not just one of many, my toughest opponent when playing cards.

     There is only one thing - and there are controls. We can't meet whenever we want.

The solution for that? Look what i do: We wave to each other from a video.

Who succeeded in the big hit, to be a friend's friend ...



Friday, April 30, 2021

Basque Country (Spain) - Txoriak txori


 Dear partners,

This year our children have given us a lesson and we would like to share it with you.

There are ways to say that education has to change and this is one!


What do you think about it?


Basque Country (Spain) - TXORIAK TXORI

 Dear partners,

This year our children have given us a lesson and we would like to share it with you.

There are ways to say that education has to change and this is one!


What do you think about it?


Thursday, April 29, 2021

Romania - Poveste de Craciun (Hallelujah)

Liceul Atanasie Marienescu, Lipova
Teacher: Carmen Mirela Butaciu

Seby Rancu - Poveste de Craciun (Hallelujah Kiss Fm All Stars Cover)

Student: Seby Rancu, Grade 5 A

Sunday, November 1, 2020


The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest final will take place in the Netherlands on Saturday, 22 May.

Meanwhile, the 2021 edition of Schoolovision will come to its conclusion on Friday, 21 May, the day before the real Eurovision. Join us in this fun-filled project, as we find out who will be the latest Schoolovision Champions in the 13th edition of our grand project.

We welcome all members, new and old, to this unique eTwinning project, which guarantees fun for all participants, students and teachers alike, as we learn about each others' cultures through the medium of music and song with the added excitement of a friendly competition.

Full rules below; please read them carefully!


Following a similar format to the Eurovision Song Contest, Schoolovision 2021 will once again allow one primary school from each eTwinning (Plus) country and beyond wishing to participate, to record and upload a song of their choice, to be viewed by all other participants in the project.

In addition, all countries will be asked to evaluate and vote for their favourite songs after they have listened to all the others - and of course, voting for yourself will not be allowed!

You and your class will have until Friday, 14 May to decide upon your song, practise it, video it, and get it uploaded and embedded onto the project blog website, using either YouTube or Vimeo.
Once all songs are uploaded, you will need to get your class to watch all the other countries' entries and decide who will receive your votes. This should be done in the week from Monday, 17 May until Thursday, 20 May.

On Friday, 21 May 2021 you have two choices: You can either join the team for a video conference, starting at 10.00 am CEST time, during which we will announce our votes to each other and total the votes up, so we can establish the winner. Or, if this is not possible, you will be able to watch a recording of the video conference afterwards to see who the winners are, or simply visit the project website, as the results will be posted straight after the video conference finishes.
In any case, you will need to email your votes to Steffen, the project administrator, by Thursday evening (20 May) and NO LATER than 1800 hrs CEST. Thus we will be able to successfully total all the votes from all participating countries and announce who are Schoolovision champions for 2021. The winning school will be sent a specially commissioned trophy!


1. There can only be one entry from each country with an independent status. Usually, this will mean one participating school per country. As a special exception, joint entries of two schools from one country are acceptable.

2. Schoolovision is for primary schools only. In addition, the participants (active singers) must be a maximum of 12 years old during the present school year. Their turning 13 in between is acceptable.

3. All previous entrants will already have received a request, asking you to confirm that you wish to enter the 2021 contest. After your confimation you will receive an invitation (via eTwinning) to become an official partner in the project, followed later by a separate invitation to contribute to the project blog. You need to sign up for the blog, whereby you will be able to upload your finished song in due course.

In addition, please send Steffen a photograph of your school and the link to its website, so that everyone can see which countries and schools are participating this time.

4. The song you choose to sing should be one of your choice, hopefully chosen in collaboration with your pupils, and can be sung in any language. It can be a well-known song, or an original song that perhaps no-one else will have heard of- it's up to you!

5. Musical accompaniment is permitted but only in the following way: Members of your class (your pupils) who wish to play musical instruments can do so, and your song can have adult help who could for example, play a piano or a keyboard to lead the tune of the song. Alternatively, you can use a CD for the tune (but without the original singers' voices) - your children MUST do the singing!

6. All entries MUST be completed and uploaded by Friday, 14 May midnight at the latest. When your song is ready, it is your task to post the video of your song to the project website via using the embed code provided by either YouTube or Vimeo. All files must be uploaded by Friday, 14 May, as each country will then need to watch all the entries and judge them during the following week, Monday, 17 May till Thursday, 20 May.

7. Once you and your pupils have watched each entry and chosen your favourites, please email your choices to Steffen before 1800 hrs CET on THURSDAY, 20 MAY.

7.a As of 2018 we adopted the latest ESC rule according to which 50 % of the votes are given by an expert jury, in this case us teachers. As we are not technically able to copy the exact voting process of the ESC, we will install it in such a way that all partners will mix their national pupil votes with their own teacher votes before sending them in. This new process renders the teacher votings we performed in previous years unnecessary.

8. It is always a great experience to receive positive and encouranging comments. By participating in this project, you also agree to encourage your pupils to write such comments under the videos of their partners. Equally, you will reserve some time to write a number of comments yourselves. You are welcome to encourage colleagues and parents to follow your example, thus making the great work of your pupils and yourselves more known and positively regarded, just as the whole Schoolovision project.

9. In the earlier years of this project all countries' entries were listed according to their results. However, since some partners were unhappy with the unequal chances (perhaps due to different availability of technical and muscial support in the various countries), a new rule was installed in 2016. All partners can choose if they wish to be listed with the full result or if they just wish to be named including a link to their entry. The top 20 scores will be published automatically; all others may opt in to be listed with their actual results.

GOOD LUCK to all countries, and enjoy making your own and watching all the other entries, too!
May the best overall entry win the contest!

*** As said above, the whole point of Schoolovision is that you try to sing something that relates to your country. If you compose your own song - fantastic! Over the past years, we have had some really outstanding compositions by various Schoolovision teams.
If you choose to sing a song that has already been recorded previously, then it MUST be culturally relevant to your own country. If you're unsure whether your song idea complies with this rule, please contact Steffen and Marek.