Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Belgium - Niet pesten! (Don't bully!)

Hi all of you music lovers,

The 41 final year pupils of Qworzó - Merksplas - Belgium are very proud to present you the Belgian entry for Schoolovision 2021.

For the first time in our history we managed to create 4 songs instead of one. Our children were challenged to create their own song under the professional guidance of two professional musicians.  Our children wrote the lyrics, thought about which instruments would nicely combine with the written text and gave all they had singing these 4 beautiful songs.  

The pupils got the chance to vote for the songs they created and finally they wanted to make a music video for the song Niet Pesten! (Don't Bully!)

Be our guest, turn up the volume and sing along!

And if you want to know what we are singing, 
just click the translation button in the video! ;-)


Niet pesten, niet pesten Stop meteen!  
Don't bully, don't bully! Stop right now!

Als je pest ben je niet OK!
When you bully, than you're not OK!

If you want to listen to the 3 other songs to, then please be our guest!

We want to thank Villa Basta &

Looking forward to reading your comments!

Good luck to all in this contest!

Kind regards,

Team Belgium


  1. What an amazing example of a single-shot video! Great choreography of the acting children, and of course an inportant topic that you tackled here. Wonderful to see your school grounds this way which already know from previous SV and ECR entries.
    One things that really surprized me: How did you manage to reach that higher video position via the end, out in the school yard? Also this: an impressive trick with the display. I watched it several times intently but didn't notice the boy alter the image through the keyboard. Was it magic?

  2. Hi Steffen, thanks for the nice words about our video and song! One day you should come and visit us here in Merksplas-Belgium and then we will show you the entire school :-) A true magician doesn't explain his tricks, but as we know each other for a long time already I will tell you... The higher video position in the end was created by 3 drones picking me up and flying me higher (or just me taking the stairs ;-)) and the display trick is called Powerpoint with a small powerpoint laser pointer - a truly magnificant invention, I think!

  3. Alright, thanks for enlightening me!
    The stairs were the other option, but I didn't notice the expected step disrution in the video. Did you use a steadicam?

  4. Yes, indeed we were allowed to borrow a gimball-steadicam from DualRec media, a small video company here in Merksplas, co-founded by one of our former pupils who was in the Schoolovision-project about 8 years ago...

  5. Fantastic to follow the development of those young people into adulthood.

  6. Great work from all students. We like all your videos!
    Team Austria:)

  7. May all the children of the world be free from bullying. Thanks Germany for your inspiring entry. Good luck from Malta!

  8. Wow, how creative have you been with the video and the single-shot style! It was very nice to see your school and the theme is so important. Good luck from Finland!

  9. Juri from GermanyMay 17, 2021 at 9:48 AM

    Is a very very Good song��������

  10. Louisa from GermanyMay 17, 2021 at 10:26 AM

    A video is very Good.

  11. Very good song selection. Good luck from Latvia

  12. Your video is very nice....We enjoyed it soooo much! Good luck from Greece!!!

  13. I think the topic is good!

  14. It was so interesting to see your school:) Your song has a catchy tune:)
    Good luck!

  15. I think it was a good message

  16. It's a good song with a important theme!
    Greetings from Germany.

  17. We like your school and also video. Both are great. Greetings from Slovakia.

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  19. nice song, and DONT bully everyone!!

  20. good song and lyrics greet from the netherlands

  21. You have mentioned a very important problem.We like the rythm and the message.Team from Ukraine!

  22. A great message and a wonderful video - it kept our attention from the beginning all the way through to the end!
    Well done and good luck!


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