Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Czech Republic - Flowers

 We composed our own song with the children /7years old/ called Flowers for this year. We would like to emphasize how important plants are for our Earth. The song also responds to today's situation in the world.

The chorus: I ask how I can help our Earth to live in peace among all

I ask how I can help the trees, the bushies, the flowers………


Proto já se ptám, jak pomoci mám, naší Zemi, abychom všichni žili 

v míru mezi všemi. Já se ptám, jak pomoci mám, stromům, keřům,  kytičkám.

The situation was complicated by a coronavirus pandemic, distance learning and a ban on singing in schools. But we did not let ourselves be discouraged and with the great help of our parents we managed to shoot a song and a video clip. From many videos and recordings, one final video clip was created.

The author of the music:  Veronika Nováková 

Many greetings from the Czech Republic.


  1. Wonderful! I love the language and the feel-good spirit of the music along with the colourful animations. Summer is in the air!
    This is another great example of how to tackle the present situation and make the best out of it. Well done!

  2. Wauw!! That was greet!

  3. Very visual and colourful. It conveys an important message. Best wishes from Ireland!

  4. We love to watch and listen to your wonderful video.
    Good luck from Austria !!!

  5. Flowers make our environment so lovely. We are all different flowers with different colours, capabilites and authentic smells. All these make our world a lovelier place. Good luck from Malta!

  6. What a joyful song! We loved the small children, the song and the animated flowers :) Good luck from Finland!

  7. Farby už tu párkrát boli, ale pesničku venovanú priamo kvetinkám si nepamätám! A k jari to pritom neodmysliteľne patrí! Kopec krásnych záberov, parádne animácie, príjemná melódia. Detičky napriek tomu, že patria v Schoolovision medzi najmladšie, spievajú krásne a preukazujú veľa talentu.
    Veľa šťastia posielame zo Slovenska :-)

  8. Beautiful song. Good luck from Latvia

  9. I like this song
    Good luck

  10. Melody, colors, singing...everything perfect! Good luck from Greece!!

  11. It is a sweet song and I love your voices, sounds like angels:)
    Good luck!

  12. Amazing! Great singing, dancing and - most importantly: great message.
    Well done! Love your song,Good luck from Greece

  13. Maya from GermanyMay 19, 2021 at 9:35 AM

    I find it`s a really nice Song and the Viledeo is very good. Good luck!

  14. Sweet song - Good luck from Iceland :-)

  15. Great kids and a nice song, very positive! Greetings from Ukraine!


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