Thursday, May 6, 2021

Latvia - Colorful Dreams

Greetings from Latvia! 

We have given a special meaning to the song "Colorful Dreams". This song has given us a chance to look at our school and school life, which many of us miss, in a more specific way.

Every school day is like a colorful dream for us so the video shows pictures and videos of school life and each child's experiences of distance learning. The song itself is about dreams that seek who believes in miracles. That each day can be special and appreciable.

P.S. We have distance learning since December. We miss our school and our friends.

You can sing with us! Let`s try!

Krāsaini sapņi (in Latvian)

 Krāsaini sapņi šai pasaulē klejo

Meklējot prātus, kas brīnumiem tic

Varbūt, ka tevi tie apciemo šodien

Tu būsi pirmais, nu, kurš gan vēl cits.


Tam, kas tos negaida, necer un netic

Pelēkas stundas un minūtes rit

Kamēr aiz mūsu pievērtiem plakstiem

Bezgala krāsaini sirdspuksti sit.



Krāsaini sapņi par tevi,

Krāsaini sapņi par mums,

Krāsaini sapņi lai izrotā dienas

Tev, man un jums.


Tagad ik vakaru, aizejot gulēt

Neveram logus uz ielu vairs ciet

Lai mūsu iedomas meklējot pieturu

Garām tā vienkārši vairs nepaiet.


Mēs taču esam vēl jauni un varam

Piedzīvot sapņus vēl nebijušos

Mums taču katram ir iespēja dota

Piepildīt, sajust un izbaudīt tos. 



Colorful dreams (in English)

Colorful dreams roam this world

Finding minds who believe in miracles

Maybe they will visit you today

You will be the first, well, who else.


He who does not expect them does not hope or believe

Gray hours and minutes go by

While behind our eyelids

Endless colored heartbeat beats.



Colorful dreams about you,

Colorful dreams about us,

Colorful dreams to decorate the day

For you, me and you.


Now every night, going to bed

We do not close the windows on the street anymore

Let our fancy searching stop

It just doesn't go away.


But we are still young, and we can

Experience dreams like never before

But we each have the opportunity

Fill, feel and enjoy them.


  1. We can see many colours in this video that depict a joyful life as it was before and hopefully will be again very soon. Thank you for the music!

  2. A beautiful video and a difficult job to do from home.

  3. Beautiful shots of your country. This is not a dream, but a fact. It´ s a beautiful and colorful song.Greetings from the Czech Republic.

  4. A really strong melody, well made for pandemic times. It reminds us that we all missed our friends and our schools during lockdowns. Best wishes from Ireland.

  5. We all have our dreams. Let us all keep dreaming! Good luck from Malta!

  6. The song was full of hope and that´s what we need today! The snowy scenes were beautiful and all the views so beautiful. The melody is very catchy. We should never stop dreaming! Good luck to you from Finland :)

  7. Let´s dream together:)
    Good luck from Austria!

  8. Full of joy and hope...Nice song. Good luck from Greece!

  9. I love your video and your song is very beautiful. Good luck!


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